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Sights 2012-08-06
White Lake Wind Farm
The New Source of Energy?
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Museum 2012-07-29
Cultural Heritage Center
Cultural Heritage Center, 900 Governors Drive Pierre, SD 57501
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Museum 2012-07-21
Prehistoric Village
Today the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village is the only archaeological site in South Dakota open to the public.
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Event 2012-07-03
Cyark Demonstration
Justin Barton of CyArk was at Mount Rushmore National Memorial on July 3rd, 2012 to demonstrate new technology.
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Sights 2012-06-17
1880 Train
222 Railroad Avenue
Hill City, SD 57745
(605) 574-2222
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Artist 2012-06-08
Elephant at Mount Rushmore
There is an elephant at Mount Rushmore. Dustin Baker, the Sculptor in Residence at Mount Rushmore completed this piece in record time and while working on another.
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NPS 2012-06-06
Ranger Andy Frieder
National Park Service Ranger Andrew Frieder gave a Ranker Talk in the Sculptor's Studio at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in 2012.
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News 2012-06-05
Mount Rushmore Memories Receives Award

Mount Rushmore Memories Receives IPPY Award

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Tourism 2012-06-05
Book Signing with Mike Graf
Book Signing: June 5th-6th with MIKE GRAF author of "Going Underground" Mount Rushmore National Memorial
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Tourism 2012-05-21
Arrest at Mount Rushmore
Rangers spot unauthorized person on Mount Rushmore on May 21, 2012.
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Tourism 2012-04-12
The Mount Rushmore Twins

Not native to the Black Hills, the 1924 gift from Canada to Custer State Park has also enhanced Mount Rushmore National Memorial

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News 2012-03-14
Rushmore Society Recognized
Mount Rushmore Society Recognized with two National Awards
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Tourism 2012-02-26
Tabor South Dakota
South Dakota Tourism is not just the Black Hills

When you think of tourism and South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is most likely the first thing that comes to mind.

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Tourism 2012-02-12
Pronghorn and Buffalo

Pronghorn and Buffalo - Wind Cave National Park

With the nice weather we've been having, it's seemed like a nice day to take a drive.
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History 2011-09-11
Fort Randall
The site was selected by General William S. Harney and named after Daniel Randall, a career Army officer.
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Event 2011-09-11
911 Memorial
The question is often asked about a specific date or time of an important event, a famous person's birthday, a tragedy. Where were you?
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Event 2011-09-05
Theodore Roosevelt
It seems impossible that Teddy could have been there, yet it sure looked like him.
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Event 2011-09-01
An Evening with Harry S. Truman
An Evening with Harry S. Truman at Mount Rushmore National Memorial - October 1, 2011
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Sights 2011-08-16
Mount Rushmore Video
Mount Rushmore is the most recognizable landmark in South Dakota if not the world. Doane Robinson is the man whose vision became Mount Rushmore.
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Museum 2011-08-15
Pioneer Auto Museum
The cars. Yes, let's not forget the cars. The Geisler Family has gathered cars dating back to 1900 and forward.
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History 2011-08-15
Berlin Wall Exhibit
For the people that take the time to find it, or those that find it by accident, the images and their captions are thought provoking if not a little unsettling.
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