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Sights 2015-08-26
CSP Visitor Center
New Custer State Park visitor center takes shape.
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Sights 2015-02-19
Avenue Of Flags
The 56 flags represent the 50 states, one district, three territories, and two commonwealths of the United States of America.
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Sights 2014-08-15
Black Hills Balloons
You don't think of going to the Black Hills of South Dakota to see Hot Air Balloons but its pretty cool of you do.
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Sights 2014-07-12
Dinosaur Sighting
A T-Rex was spotted south of Rapid City South Dakota on Highway 16. A few thousand years ago these sightings where common in the Black Hills but this dinosaur sighting was a surprise.
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Sights 2014-06-09
Pactola Lake
One of the best ways to see Pactola Lake is by boat. Bring your own or rent one from Pactola Pines Marina. Bring yor camera, fishing pole, water skis or just relax. It's easy to see why the locals spend their weekends at Pactola and why vacationers return year after year.
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Sights 2014-05-14
Dinosaurs at Dawn
OK, so it was a couple of hours after dawn but we did see dinosaurs at Dinosaur Park in Rapid City, South Dakota.
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Sights 2013-07-09
Custer State Park
It doesn't matter how many times you visit Custer State Park, you will always be amazed by what you see.
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Sights 2012-08-06
White Lake Wind Farm
The New Source of Energy?
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Sights 2012-06-17
1880 Train
222 Railroad Avenue
Hill City, SD 57745
(605) 574-2222
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Sights 2011-08-16
Mount Rushmore Video
Mount Rushmore is the most recognizable landmark in South Dakota if not the world. Doane Robinson is the man whose vision became Mount Rushmore.
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Sights 2011-07-17
Corn Palace
The worlds only Corn Palace is in Mitchell South Dakota.
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Sights 2011-07-15
Oahe Dam
As the summer grinds on and rain continues in the forecast, one can only speculate when life below Oahe and the other dams on the Missouri will finally get back to normal.
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Sights 2011-07-15
Scenic For Sale
Who will buy Scenic, South Dakota now that it is listed for sale? What will they do with it?
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Sights 2010-08-13
Wild Horse Sanctuary
The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary south of Hot Springs, SD is great for horse lovers, photographers, and sightseers alike.
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Sights 2010-07-04
Crazy Horse Memorial
Did you know that Korczak Ziolkowski, who started Crazy Horse Memorial, also work on Mount Rushmore?
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Sights 2010-06-21
Rushmore Panorama
This panorama of Mount Rushmore was created some time ago but we have decided to leave it on the site.
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Sights 2010-06-14
1880 Town
South Dakota's Original 1880 Town has more than 30 buildings from the 1880 to 1920 era.
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