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History 2014-10-05
Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center
The Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center is located in Fort Pierre, SD. Casey Tibbs started riding in South Dakota rodeos at age 14. By age 19, Tibbs had become the youngest man ever to win the national saddle bronc-riding crown.
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Sights 2014-08-15
Black Hills Balloons
You don't think of going to the Black Hills of South Dakota to see Hot Air Balloons but its pretty cool of you do.
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Sights 2014-07-12
Dinosaur Sighting
A T-Rex was spotted south of Rapid City South Dakota on Highway 16. A few thousand years ago these sightings where common in the Black Hills but this dinosaur sighting was a surprise.
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Waypoint 2014-07-11
Hearst Highway
Dedicated to the memory of GEORGE HEARST (1820 - 1891) United States Senator, mining engineer, sportsman, speculator.
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History 2014-07-02
Independence Hall
Slated to open summer of 2014, Independence Hall is located at: 9815 S. Highway 16, Rapid City, SD. Phone: (605) 877-6043.

Today (April 24, 2014) the steeple bell tower was put in place. A large crane was use to lift it into place. A crew carefully guided the pre assembled structure into place.

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Sights 2014-06-09
Pactola Lake
One of the best ways to see Pactola Lake is by boat. Bring your own or rent one from Pactola Pines Marina. Bring yor camera, fishing pole, water skis or just relax. It's easy to see why the locals spend their weekends at Pactola and why vacationers return year after year.
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Waypoint 2014-06-01
The Rushmore-Borglum Story
The Rushmore-Borglum Story (studio-museum) is located in downtown Keystone, South Dakota. You can't miss it if you are heading to Mount Rushmore from Rapid City or Hill City, SD.
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Sights 2014-05-14
Dinosaurs at Dawn
OK, so it was a couple of hours after dawn but we did see dinosaurs at Dinosaur Park in Rapid City, South Dakota.
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History 2014-05-02
Mountain View Cemetery
The Mountain View Cemetery in Keystone is the only cemetery in the world with a view of Mount Rushmore. The original land was part of the Harney National Forest and was originally deeded to the Modern Woodman of America, a fraternal lodge and was signed by President Theodore Roosevelt, whose likeness looks down on the cemetery.
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Information 2014-01-01
Black Hills Visitor Information Center
Interstate 90 at Exit 61
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 355-3700
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History 2013-10-09
Anna Donna Tallent
Black Hills area museums have some interesting information on Annie Tallent.
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History 2013-09-13
Harney Peak 2013
At 7,242 feet, Harney Peak is one of the highest points in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains and the highest point in the Black Hills.
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NPS 2013-09-10
Devils Tower National Monument
While not in South Dakota, a Black Hills adventure would not be complete without a visit to Devils Tower National Monument. Fascinating any time of the year!
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Waypoint 2013-09-01
Rockerville South Dakota
For a dozen years Rockerville was in the nations headlines.
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Waypoint 2013-08-13
Hell Canyon Trail
Elevation: 5,360 to 5,800 feet
Length: 5.3 mile loop
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: 13.5 miles west of Custer, South Dakota

Near Jewel Cave and passes CCC camp location

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Waypoint 2013-07-29
Wood Stage Station
The station, in operation from 1876 to 1888 was run by Lt. William Wood and his wife Susanna (Friday) and their four children
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Waypoint 2013-07-28
Jedediah Strong Smith
Born in New York State in 1799, Jed Smith came West from Ohio in 1822 to join the Ashley expedition from St. Louis up the Missouri River.
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Sights 2013-07-09
Custer State Park
It doesn't matter how many times you visit Custer State Park, you will always be amazed by what you see.
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NPS 2013-06-22
Badlands National Park
A lot of South Dakota history is part of the Badlands story. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape but take the time to research the human history of the area as well.
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Waypoint 2013-06-13
Gutzon Borglum Highway
The Department of Transportation designated a 10-mile segment of Hwy 244 (between the U.S. 16A junction near Keystone and the intersection with U.S. 385 south of Hill City) as the Gutzon Borglum Highway on June 1, 1973.
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Museum 2013-04-19
Pioneer Museum
Built in 1893, this building continued as the school for lower grades until 1961, when it was converted into a museum.
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