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Waypoint 2016-11-01
This unrealistic, geographically limited loan policy forced South Dakota into the farm loan business.
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History 2015-09-12
Tearing Down History
Legion Lake store and restaurant to be torn down September 14, 2015.
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History 2015-09-02
Borglum Highway
The words on the sign say it well.
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Sights 2015-08-26
CSP Visitor Center
New Custer State Park visitor center takes shape.
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Information 2015-07-30
Hill City Information
Hill City Area Chamber of Commerce
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Photo 2015-07-19
Rushmore Webcam
See a live image of Mount Rushmore
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Photo 2015-07-15
Profile in Granite
George Washington's powerful profile is so perfectly placed here that you might assume sculptor Gutzon Borglum planned it.
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History 2015-04-21
The Wind Wars
The Wind Wars divides East River Community. Are wind farms the answer to our energy needs?
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Sights 2015-02-19
Avenue Of Flags
The 56 flags represent the 50 states, one district, three territories, and two commonwealths of the United States of America.
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Waypoint 2015-01-15
Camp Collier
Camp Collier at the Mouth of Red Canyon had the distinction of being the first military establishment of any permanence in the Hills proper, existing for approximately one year.
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Waypoint 2015-01-14
Siding 7
In early 1890, the Burlington Railroad established Siding 7 three-quarters of a mile up the tracks north from here.
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Waypoint 2015-01-12
Rapid City Founders Camp Site
Near a perpendicular sandstone cliff a short distance North of here and across Rapid Creek (a marker denotes the site) was the first camp of those hardy pioneers who founded Rapid City.
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Museum 2015-01-04
Hall of Fame
The South Dakota Hall of Fame is one of those places that deserves a second (and third and forth and fifth and . . . .) look.
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Waypoint 2015-01-03
Skyline Drive
The people of Rapid City invite you to stop, relax and enjoy the spectacular beauty that lies before you.
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Waypoint 2014-12-30
Mellette House
From an architectural standpoint, Mellette House is an Italianate villa which was built for Arthur and Margaret Mellette in 1883.
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Waypoint 2014-12-28
Sheridan Under Water
Sheridan is now under 30 feet of water.
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Waypoint 2014-12-26
Man Hanged in Yankton
He put on a bold front and careless air.
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Waypoint 2014-12-25
Glen Erin School
Site of the first public school building in the Black Hills
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Waypoint 2014-12-23
Leslie Jensen
This highway along Fall River is dedicated to Leslie Jensen 15th Governor of South Dakota 1937- 1939.
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Waypoint 2014-12-20
Mammoth Site
The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs is truly a gift from nature -- our inheritance held in trust for over 26,000 years.
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Waypoint 2014-12-15
Fall River Falls
Older residents remember as children walking the 4,700 foot flume to a point below the falls.
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