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category: Museum, date: 2012-12-13, by Otto Bochman
Western Heritage Center

High Plains Western Heritage Center - Spearfish, South Dakota

High Plains Western Heritage Center - Spearfish, SDHigh Plains Western Heritage Center

. . . How Time Flies

So reads one of the lines on the High Plains Western Heritage Center brochure. You realize how true that is when so many of the items on display you remember using. The 20,000 sq.ft. facility features displays that honor Native Americans, the Cattle and Sheep Industry, Blacksmithing, Saddle Making, Natural History, Mining, Forestry, Cowboys and Rodeo. The theatre adds a venue for entertainment as well as education. The mission of the High Plains Heritage Center Organization is to oversee the on-going historical preservation of this region of the American West.

High Plains Western Heritage Center - Spearfish, SD

A stagecoach, buggies, sleighs, a chuckwagon, antique tools and other artifacts help to deliver the history lessons of days past. Western art displayed throughout the center also leaves a lasting impression. A large plaster horse and rider created by artist Gary Shoop draws your attention as you walk toward the large windows overlooking a vast landscape.

High Plains Western Heritage Center - Spearfish, SD
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