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category: History, date: 2014-07-02, by Otto Bochman
Independence Hall
Independence Hall - Rapid City, SDInependence Hall, Rapid City

Construction of the Pennsylvania State House, which came to be known as Independence Hall, began in 1732. It's being built again just south of Rapid City, South Dakota. It's certain to be a popular Black Hills tourist destination and a great place to learn about the founding fathers.

bell tower was put in place

Today (April 24, 2014) the steeple bell tower was put in place. A large crane was use to lift it into place. A crew carefully guided the pre assembled structure into place. A light breeze and mild gusts did not seem to hinder the work. It looked like these guys may have done this sort of thing before.

Slated to open summer of 2014, Independence Hall is located at: 9815 S. Highway 16, Rapid City, SD. Phone: (605) 877-6043. Visit the website at:

Side Note: The Hall construction began in 1732 and completed in 1753. Handel's Messiah was composed in 1741 (roughly half-way through construction) by George Frideric Handel and became quite popular even in the U.S.

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