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category: Waypoint, date: 2014-07-11, by Otto Bochman
Hearst Highway

Dedicated to the memory of GEORGE HEARST (1820 - 1891) United States Senator, mining engineer, sportsman, speculator. Starting with nothing, he developed three of the fabled mines in the American West - - The Ophir, the Anaconda, and the Homestake - - and founded one of the great American Fortunes. His vision and organizing genius built a small mining claim into the mightiest gold mine in the world - - the Homestake - - and laid the foundations for continuing prosperity of the Black Hills and the State of South Dakota.

GEORGE HEARST (1820 - 1891) - PHOEBE APPERSON HEARST (1842 - 1919)GEORGE HEARST (1820 - 1891) - PHOEBE APPERSON HEARST (1842 - 1919)


PHOEBE APPERSON HEARST (1842 - 1919) Wife, mother, true philanthropist. Her continuing interest in the welfare of the Homestake miners and their families flagged. She gave the city of Lead its library, founded its free kindergarten, and performed numerous unpublicized charities. Due to her influence, the Homestake adopted advanced labor policies the contributed to an industrial peace unheard of in western mining. She loved and admired the people of the Black Hills and they reciprocated in full measure.


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