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category: Waypoint, date: 2013-06-13, by Otto Bochman
Gutzon Borglum Highway
The Mount Rushmore Society
Gutzon Borglum Memorial Highway SignGutzon Borglum Memorial Highway Sign

Re-dedication Ceremony for the Gutzon Borglum Memorial Highway, Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 10 am

The re-dedication ceremony took place at the turn-out in full view of Borglum's Mount Rushmore sculpture.

The Department of Transportation designated a 10-mile segment of Hwy 244 (between the U.S. 16A junction near Keystone and the intersection with U.S. 385 south of Hill City) as the Gutzon Borglum Highway on June 1, 1973. The Mount Rushmore Society partnered with the DOT and National Park Service in re-dedicating the highway on its 40th anniversary, by erecting the original Gutzon Borglum Memorial Highway sign that was taken down during construction decades ago.

South Dakota Department of TransportationNational Park Service
Re-dedication Ceremony for the Gutzon Borglum Memorial Highway

Following the re-dedication everyone was invited to the Carver's Cafe for refreshments provided by Xanterra Parks & Resorts.

photos by Amy Bochman
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