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category: History, date: 2015-09-12, by Otto Bochman
Tearing Down History
Legion Lake LodgeLegion Lake store and restaurant 2015

In 1933 the American Legion built a dam that created Legion Lake in Custer State Park. The work force for the project was primarily military veterans in need of work because of the Great Depression. Cabins were also built in this timeframe; several by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

The state purchased Legion Lake resort in 1937 and a restaurant was opened in 1944. Over the years additions and upgrades altered the overall appearance very little. That is about to change as the existing building on Highway 16A along the bank of Legion Lake is to be torn down. It is said that the process will begin on September 14, 2015.

The new facility will provide lake view dining as well as other modern features. While the original fireplace will be saved all that will remain of the rest of the building is memories and photos.

Legion Lake 2015Legion Lake 2015
Legion Lake 2015Legion Lake 2015
Legion Lake Lodge fireplaceOriginal fireplace in background 2015
Legion Lake LodgeLegion Lake store and restaurant circa 1945
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