The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in South Dakota


CCC Camps in South Dakota

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in South Dakota included between 70 and 80 camps. Over 20,000 men served in the corp between 1933 and 1941.

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This "CCC" project is part of a larger one that will undoubtedly never be completed. Some 20,000 plus workers served in the Civilian Conservation Corp. Some of those workers spent time at Mount Rushmore and it is that fact that sparked the interest in the "New Deal" program initiated by FDR. The plan was to focus only on those that contributed, in some way, to the Memorial project. It has since grown to include all of the CCC camp locations and the entire roster of workers.

The resources for the project include many references and several individuals. As we continue the work (well we can hardly call it work) we will make note of those resources and individuals. Peggy Sanders must be mentioned. Her extensive work on the CCC, her book(s) and her contribution to the Museum in Hill City have been most important in reaching this point in our project.

Camp: Alcester DPE-211, SCS-3  more
Opened: 1934-08-03
Company #(s): 1934-1940: 2746, 1941: 4725V
Closed: 1941 Post Office: Alcester Rail Stop: Alcester
From Nearest: .75 mi NE
Camp Alcester of 45 camps
Camp: American Island SP-5, SCS-7  more
Opened: 1935-6-26
Company #(s): 1935-37: 4725V, 1938-41: 4726
Closed: 1941 Post Office: Chamberlain Rail Stop: Chamberlain
From Nearest: American Island 1 mi SW of Chamberlain, South Dakota.
Camp American Island of 45 camps
Camp: Badlands NP-3, NP-2  more
Opened: 1939-11-01
Company #(s): 2754
Closed: 1942-03-25 Post Office: Interior Rail Stop: Interior
From Nearest: Near Interior, SD south of Cedar Pass.
Camp Badlands of 45 camps
Camp: Badlands NP-2  more
Opened: 1939-11-1
Company #(s): 1939-41: 2754
Closed: 1941 Post Office: Wall Rail Stop: Wall
From Nearest: The camp was located about 8 miles south of Wall, South Dakota
Camp Badlands of 45 camps
Camp: Black Fox F-25  more
Opened: 1939
Company #(s)
Closed:  Post Office: unknown Rail Stop: unknown
From Nearest: 
Camp Black Fox of 45 camps
Camp: Calcite F-17  more
Opened: 1933-10-16
Company #(s): 1933-34: 1784V
Closed: 1935-10-21 Post Office: Tilford Rail Stop: Tilford
From Nearest: Camp Calcite was S of Tilford about 1-2 miles and about 18 miles south of Sturgis, SD
Camp Calcite of 45 camps
Camp: Canton DPE-209  more
Opened: 1934-07-31
Company #(s): 1934: 2749
Closed: 1934-10-01 Post Office: Canton Rail Stop: Canton
From Nearest: 1 mi S of Canton
Camp Canton of 45 camps
Camp: Crow Creek DSE-205, SCS-1, SCS-5  more
Opened: 1934-07-31
Company #(s): 1934: 2753, 1935: 2740, 4726, 1936: 4726, 774, 1937: 4726, 2770, 2765, 1938: 4726
Closed: 1938 Post Office: Chamberlain Rail Stop: Chamberlain
From Nearest: Camp Crow Creek was 12 mi N of Chamberlain, SD
Camp Crow Creek of 45 camps
Camp: Custer F-12  more
Opened: 1933-06-13
Company #(s): 1933-37: 1791, 1940-41: 762
Closed: 1941 Post Office: Custer Rail Stop: Custer
From Nearest: Camp is about 7 miles NW of Custer
Camp Custer of 45 camps
Camp: Doran S-2, SP-2, F-23  more
Opened: 1933-06-17
Company #(s): 1933-35: 1795, 1936-38: 757, 2766, 1938-39: 762
Closed: 1937-04-08 Post Office: Custer Rail Stop: Custer
From Nearest: Camp Doran approx. 2 mi east of Custer, SD
Camp Doran of 45 camps
Camp: Este F-3  more
Opened: 1933-05-18
Company #(s): 1933: 789, 1942: 2759V
Closed: 1942-07-28 Post Office: Piedmont Rail Stop: Nemo
From Nearest: Este is 25 mi SE of Deadwood
Camp Este of 45 camps
Camp: Farm Island SE-207, S-207  more
Opened: 1933-10-23
Company #(s): 1933-34: 796, 1934-37: 2756
Closed: 1937-09-30 Post Office: Pierre Rail Stop: Pierre
From Nearest: Farm Island is 6 mi E of Pierre, SD
Camp Farm Island of 45 camps
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