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category: Artist, date: 2012-10-28, by Otto Bochman
Baker Sculptures 2012

Dustin Baker, Park Ranger and Sculptor Sculptor in Residence, 2012

Dustin Baker, Sculptor in Residence, 2012Sculptor in Residence, 2012
Dustin Baker's 1st piece created at Mount Rushmore for 2012Baker's 1st piece 2012

Dustin Baker returned to Mount Rushmore as Sculptor in Residence for 2012. Baker recently finised his first piece of the season.

AIOLOS (or Aeolus) by Baker was the master of the winds and had significant detail. As with many of his other carvings, you could see emotion in the face and eyes.

In one of the videos below Dustin Baker took a few moments to talk about some of his carvings for the 2012 season at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Baker's work this year along with last year's sculptures represent hours and hours of carving.

You will want to view all of the videos in the YouTube playlist and they can be accessed directly from the menu bar at the top or bottom of the player.

several Baker videos in the playlist
Nyx - The Goddess of NightNyx - The Goddess of Night
AIOLOS - A sculpture by Dustin BakerAIOLOS by Dustin Baker
The ElephantThe Elephant
Shawman's Tablet is a sculpture by Dustin BakerAlthough not completed at the time, Shawman's Tablet was most definitely an interesting work of art. Baker was not convinced that he should talk about the piece let alone have it photographed. We are pleased that it was included and are sure that a future owner will treasure it.
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