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History 2015-11-05
Museum History Timeline
Large display that depicts the historic timeline of the United States of America.
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History 2015-09-28
Workers Plaque
This Worker Recognition Plaque was Donated in 1996 by Don & Carolyn Clifford in remembrance of his fellow workers.
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History 2015-06-13
Jasper 15 Years Later
On August 24, 2000, a carelessly dropped match stated what would become the largest fire in the recorded history of South Dakota.
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History 2014-11-05
Rushmore Lights
Current and future evening visitors to Mount Rushmore should experience the "Historic and Patriotic" display that only period appropriate lighting can provide.
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History 2014-08-12
Hitler's Affect on Rushmore
Would have Borglum's son Lincoln continued if funding would have been available? Perhaps that grand hall, The Hall of Records, could have been finished.
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History 2014-07-25
Love Letters
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History 2014-07-04
Happy 4th of July
USAFA Falconaires
Junior Rangers
Lakota Flag Song
Much MUCH More!
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History 2014-07-03
Naturalization 2014
Over one hundred ninety (190) people became citizens of the United States of America on July 2, 2014 at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone South Dakota.
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History 2014-06-08
CCC Fort Meade
Fort Meade MuseumFort Meade Museum

On June 8, 2014 The Fort Meade Museum hosted a discussion on the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) in South Dakota. Museum Director Robert Kusser and staff provided a comfortable venue for the event.

Peggy Sanders from Hill City was to present a program about the Civilian Conservation Corp's (CCC's) in the Black Hills 1 pm on Sunday June 8th. Due to a scheduling conflict Peggy called on Peg Aplan, President of the Old Fort Meade Museum and Historic Research Association to direct the event and Otto Bochman who has visited several CCC Campsites, to fill in.

The Civilian Conservation Corps was a federal relief program during 1933-1942 that gave jobless men work renovating abused lands. The Army built 48 200-man camps in South Dakota and provided food, clothing, medical care, pay and programs of education, recreation and religion for 23,709 enrollees (single men aged who sent $25 of their $30 wage to their families) and war veterans. Camps and work projects were supervised by another 2834 men. The Office of Indian Affairs ran smaller units for 4554 American Indians.

Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) Discussion
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History 2014-05-18
South Dakota Counties
Identifying all of the counties in South Dakota turned out to be more than locating the boundaries. Even more than geography and history, although that was the most interesting and fun, the incorporation of image mapping and database implementation were used in the project.
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History 2014-04-22
Artifact Digital Preservation
What if you could view that piece of history or discover treasure you never even knew existed from a public viewing area or even your computer? Digital preservation is making it possible to do just that.
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History 2013-11-06
Rushmore Quarter
Some 2000 fill the National Guard Armory in Custer, SD to witness the launch of Mt. Rushmore Quarter.
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History 2011-07-14
Naturalization 2011
Naturalization Ceremony 211 at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota
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History 1889-11-02
South Dakota Statehood

The Louisiana Purchase, Dakota Territory, and South Dakota Statehood

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History 1600-01-01
South Dakota History
The History and Prehistory of South Dakota
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