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category: History, date: 2014-05-26, by Bon Homme

Amazing Challenge

AMAZING Challenge Donation for Springfield Vet's Memorial

article from "The Pulse II" June, 2015Springfield Veteran's Memorial

The Springfield Veteran's Memorial Committee received a "wonderful boost" on Monday, May 26, as a letter was received from three former Springfield men, Richard Martin, Larry Lang, and Gene Lang, who have made the following commitment to the Committee project: "To show our appreciation for how important Springfield has been in our development and in our lives, we would like to help the Committee in it's effort to complete the Memorial.

We would like to contribute up to $30,000 as a matching donation for money raised by the Committee in the next 2 years. For each dollar that the Committee raises in the next 2 years, we will match that amount, dollar-for-dollar, up to $30,000. If they raise $30,000 and we match that with $30,000 the goal will be reached and the construction can begin." These men grew up in Springfield and graduated from Springfield High School, Richard in 1966, Larry in 1967, and Gene in 1969.

What a great gesture by these men who wish to "give back" to their "home community" and to help to honor the Veterans who have served our country so honorably throughout history. Connie Allen, Committee member, announced the news of the "challenge donation" at the Memorial Day program held in Springfield on May 26.

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