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In 1999 was just an idea for a hobby; a website to feature people, places, and events in South Dakota. While that remains true today it has evolved to include a renewed interest in the history of the state as well. With the advancements in technology, videography and photography, the ability to share visually the beauty and excitement that is South Dakota has improved as well. We even wander outside of the state's boundaries to bordering states. A good example of that is Devils Tower National Monument, part of the Black Hills.

otto Otto Bochman

"I'm still doing projects like website design and management, video and photo projects, and the occasional consultation but I have made time to volunteer for the National Park Service and local museums. I continue to discover South Dakota and share those discoveries. My wife Amy has also accompanied me on several treks, most recently hiking Hell Canyon Trail and prior to that, locating and visiting several Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) campsites. She even runs the video cameras and snaps still pictures."

Discovering South Dakota every day

What will we discover next? What's around the next bend or over the next hill? Perhaps it's been there for a long time and we are going to re-discover it! Come back and check on us, and if you have a project that you need help with be sure to contact me.