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The Oyate Trail

"Oyate Trail is a grass-roots effort that began in the early 1990s. The basic purpose is to promote travel on Highways 50/18 through southern South Dakota. It's all volunteer, and some years quite a few people are on-board."

Travel the Oyate Trail

Oyate Trail

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Pronounced oh-YAH-tay, it means "nation" in Lakota. The Oyate Trail is a trail of nations, where cultures meet.

wine tasting in South Dakota

From southeastern South Dakota to western South Dakota The Oyate Trail offers spectacular views of diverse geography and introduces you to equally diverse peoples.

Taste South Dakota wine from Vermillion in eastern South Dakota or stop at the wineries in Hill City South Dakota to the west.

Oyate Trail

Where Cultures Meet

The concept of a scenic route to the Black Hills and beyond has been around since before the Missouri River was dammed; when Rushmore Mountain only had George Washington carved in it. Since the day South Dakota could boast of having a "fully improved road" along its southern border, South Dakotans have been promoting it.

The Oyate Trail of today turns off I-29 at Vermillion South Dakota and heads west on Highways 50 and 18 to Edgemont near the Wyoming border. Along the way, travelers are treated to a surprising array of diverse geography, from farmland to ranchland, past the Badlands to the foothills of the Black Hills themselves.

For anyone who has ever felt that there is nothing between Sioux Falls and Rapid City except six hours, this 388 mile stretch of highway offers a unique alternative to interstate travel, with cultural and historical opportunities representing both the Lakota Sioux Indian and European Immigrants.

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I ran across Oyate Trail by accident when doing a "search". I don't remember exactly what it was that I was looking for. It must have been South Dakota History related. As I've gotten older I have a renewed (no that's not correct), a newly discovered interest in history in general and South Dakota History specifically.

You can cross South Dakota (east to west or west to east) by traveling the interstate highway. By doing so you get the billboards that direct you to the typical tourist type attractions. Most of these are very good and I certainly have stopped at many them.

For those of us with a desire for adventure and prefer taking the path less traveled, The Oyate Trail is a surprisingly enjoyable alternative to the standard route across South Dakota.

Authentic Czech Pioneer Village

Authentic Czech Pioneer Village

Czech Museum, chapel, jail, store, log school and log house "Chalupa" are all part of Vancura Park and are open for public inspection. Homemade noodles and old world Czech music tapes are available for sale in the store during Czech Days. The new Heritage Museum welcomes visitors to many new exhibits.