South Dakota
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  • date: 2014-07-12

    Dinosaur Sighting

    A T-Rex was spotted south of Rapid City South Dakota on Highway 16. A few thousand years ago these sightings where common in the Black Hills but this dinosaur sighting was a surprise.
  • date: 2014-07-04

    Happy 4th of July

    USAFA Band

    USAFA Falconaires

    Junior Rangers

    Lakota Flag Song


  • date: 2014-07-03

    Naturalization 2014

    Over one hundred ninety (190) people became citizens of the United States of America on July 2, 2014 at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone South Dakota.
  • date: 2013-06-22

    Badlands National Park

    A lot of South Dakota history is part of the Badlands story. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape but take the time to research the human history of the area as well.

Dakota is derived from the Sioux Indian word for "friend."

Area, 77,047 sq mi (199,552 sq km) - State bird: ring-necked pheasant
State flower: pasqueflower - State tree: Black Hills spruce

Discover all that is South Dakota

Did you know that South Dakota has two of the world's longest caves? Jewel Cave is the third longest cave in the world and Wind Cave is the fifth longest cave in the world. Both of these caves reside in a limestone layer that is said to be millions of years old. That layer is called the Paha Sapa formation. Paha Sapa is a Lakota word that means hills of black or Black Hills. Did you known that there was an uplift from deep in the earth that pushed it's way though that limestone layer? That uplift was molten rock that formed granite. One of the granite formations is now the home of Mount Rushmore.

South Dakota is also the home of the Badlands and the world's only Corn Palace. The Badlands contain one of the worlds largest deposits of fossil remains.

Horses by the Bad River above Fort Pierre create a nice pictureSouth Dakota is a place of discovery with scenery around every corner. The horses in the photo to the left are but one example. They were spotted next to the Bad River west of the inlet to the Missouri River.

The photo was taken in the summer of 2011 during the flooding on the Missouri. The Bad River had receded at this location west of Fort Pierre, South Dakota. Heavy rains throughout early summer keep the pastures and prairie land very green.

At the Oahe Dam and within the city of Pierre the affects of the flood are obvious. Sandbags create a peculiar site as you drive around Pierre and Fort Pierre.

South Dakota State Seal State Pledge
I pledge loyalty and support to the flag and State of South Dakota, land of sunshine, land of infinite variety.

Our state flag and seal are symbols of the proud heritage we as South Dakotans are privileged to enjoy. It is proper that the people be aware of the history relating to the adoption of these official emblems.

South Dakota State Flag
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